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Orosei Gulf – Bacu Padente

The car in the location of Ololbizzi, not far from the beautiful little church of San Pietro in Golgo, begins the trekking of Bacu Padente.
Curious about the origin of the name: in Sardinian language “bacu” indicates a gorge no longer affected by the water flow, erosion in geologic eras much more rainy than the present one; “Loser” meant instead the municipal or private woods where the pigs went to eat the acorns.
The trekking takes place in a wild and varied environment: ancient mule tracks, carbonyls, stone, rock arches, vertical peaks on the sea and even crossing the cave, “Sa Rutta de Tentorgiu.
Which in its entirety presents a voragine which is said to be communicated with the famous Cave Grotto.
The exit of the cave, an exciting window overlooking the Gulf of Orosei, leads to the Blue Wilderness Trail for a brief stretch in Arcu town on Feilau, where it faces the last suggestive fall. Here begins the challenging climb that leads back to the parking lot.