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Supramonte di Urzulei – Grotta Donini

The Grotto Donini is located in the Supramonte of Urzulei. Along the SS 125 near the famous and evocative Genna Silana pass you deviate on a side road leading shortly to Planu Campu Oddeu plateau. The approach road is worth a few stops with photos!
Once in Sedda Ar Baccas you leave the car and in a few minutes you reach the entrance hole of the cave. We like to call it an “indoor hole” in view of its conformation. It is actually a cave in all respects, but given the remarkable height of the ceilings and the downstream exit there is no need for climbing techniques,
You can walk it quietly with canyoning techniques. The wonder of the place alternates underground ponds and rock formations of indescribable beauty. Breathtaking the final downhill, out of the cave, on a 50 meter vertical.