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Tavolara – Angel’s Way

The Via Ferrata degli Angeli is located on the southwest side of Tavolara Island within the Tavolara Marine Protected Area – Punta Coda Cavallo.
Curiosity is the departure on nautical means with wearing technical boots and mountain equipment.
Appointed on the beach of the spreader and just a few steps on the sand begins the path leading to Punta La Mandria: here begins the Via Ferrata degli Angeli with the first exciting passage on an iscala and fustes, a typical juniper stair used in antiquity by the pastors Sardinians.
The ferry runs on vertical sections and ridge crossings that provide panoramic views of unparalleled beauty on the Marine Protected Area.
The assault effort is largely rewarded by the privilege of a view that stretches from the Gulf of Olbia, embracing all the beaches of the area, up to Capo Comino. We also appreciate the remarkable extension of the Pond of San Teodoro, site of Community Interest