Sardinia is a region of considerable size, the third by extension after Sicily and Piemonte, has only 1,600,000 inhabitants. The poor housing density has helped keep it still wild and wild. That’s why outdoor enthusiasts can find in this island still uncontaminated places of unique beauty.
The best way to reach these places is to walk along the paths that pass it and affect, literally, all the senses. The inebriating scents of the Mediterranean scrub, the sounds of nature now forgotten by those who live in the metropolis, the panoramic squares that unite in a unique mountain and sea environment.

Trekking is distinguished by difficulty level depending on length, duration, altitude difference and type of terrain. The wording is so solid:
T = tourist;
E = hiking;
EE = Experienced hikers;
EEA = hiking experts equipped.
For this reason, Sardinia Exploring tries to propose excursions suitable for every level of need and preparation.

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