I was born in Milan by Mother Valtellinese and Father Sicilian.

So in my genes I find a passion and a predisposition for the Montano and Marino environment.

Sardinia, an island of inestimable beauty, represents the perfect blend between these two worlds, and so since 2000 I have decided to live by leaving my hometown to move to a “Small Farmland” in Gallura Low.

Bringing the passions and skills gained over the years, I launch into the adventure of “Active Tourism Operator”.

My professionalism is certified by the following qualifications:

  • Swimming Instructor “Genoa Salvation”
  • Instructor “Apnea Academy”
  • ESA Instructor
  • Environmental Hiking Guide
  • Operator in Quota on Fune



Graduated in tourism sciences, I escaped from the glass prison of a typical office of a metropolitan city to rediscover here in Sardinia the wonder of a life in close contact with nature.

My life was preceded by reports and long meetings. Today, however, I spend my days sharing between my bed and breakfast, the agricultural entrepreneur and the great passion for the mountain.

In addition to the guides in the excursions that the magnificent Sardinian landscape offers.



I firstly experienced Sardinia’s charm: uncontaminated nature that offered countless stimuli to my personal scientific skills. Subsequently, the Island has become a choice of life that has led me to call it “my new home”.

My professionalism is certified by the following qualifications:

– In Biology.
– Hiking Hiking Guide.
– ESA Underwater Instructor.
– Environmental Education and Children’s Programs.