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Wild Sardinia Exploring

Exploring Sardinia to find and strengthen contact with nature and the environment is our MISSION.
An environment, Sardinia, still partly pristine, full of colors, scents and traces of ancient civilizations.

Our many activities, from the most adrenaline to the most playful and relaxing, can satisfy the needs of the most experienced people without forgetting families and children:

Sardinia Exploring is pleased to propose and share unique emotions with more than a decade of experience.

Our activities

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Discover Sardinia

Tavolara’s Isle

Tavolara is an island of 5.9 km² of northeastern Sardinia, part of the municipality of Olbia in the subregion of Gallura.

Rich in history and ancient and modern legends, this rock from the most singular shape is set on the scene of classical mythology to represent the ship of the Feaci petrified by Poseidon, with its rudder facing the open sea, reaffirming the return of Ulysses home.

Since 1991 he has hosted the film festival “Una notte in Italia”.