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Hiking in Sardinia

Equipped Trekking & Hiking

Sardinia Exploring proposes trekking excursions in Sardinia and equipped hiking trails: discover the most elevated corners and the most evocative views!

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Sardinia trekking [E] [EE]

Sardinia trekking [EEA]

Trekking in Sardinia, EE and Equipped Routes

Trekking is a wonderful outdoor activity that allows you to exploring new territories and get totally in touch with nature. Would you like a different excursion away from the beaten track? Come with us and venture on nature trails through green meadows, forests, rocks shaped by water, wind and salt with breathtaking views.

Trekking in Sardinia is an unforgettable experience that allows you to experience first-hand the beauty of the landscape and enjoy the benefits of movement in the open air. Suitable for all levels, trekking is a fantastic way to relax, get away from stress of daily life and keep you active and healthy.

Trekking for beginners

Trekking for all

Sardinia is a large region, third in size after Sicily and Piemonte, with only 1,600,000 inhabitants. The low population density has helped to keep it still natural and wild. That is why outdoor enthusiasts can find on this island unspoilt places and of unique beauty.

The best way to reach these places is to walk along the paths that criss-cross it and that strike, literally, all the senses. I intoxicating scents of the Mediterranean maquissounds of nature now forgotten by people living in metropolises, panoramic glimpses that uniquely unite mountain and sea environments.

Alghero Capo Caccia Via Ferrata Cabirol Sardinia Exploring
Monteleone Roccadoria Via Ferrata Della Regina Sardinia Exploring

EE Equipped hiking Sardinia

Equipped trekking routes

When the trails and hikes become more challenging it is possible to encounter equipped sections. Exposed sections where, for safety reasons, the use of personal protective equipment is desirable. A helmet, a harness, lanyards and some carabiners.

Nothing to do with climbing, which requires suitable techniques and training, but certainly tests the fear of heights.
Sardinia Exploring, if necessary, may stimulate your predisposition on an artificial wall before leading you to places of otherwise unimaginable beauty.

Sardinia trekking: what to know

Customer Questions

Hard to say, the treks in Sardinia are all very exciting, each route has unique peculiarities and different passages.

Some of the most famous treks in Sardinia are:

  • Excursion to Tavolara to reach the summit of Punta Cannone
  • Excursion to Tiscali and visit to the nuragic village
  • Trekking in the Gorropu Gorge
  • Excursion to reach Cala Luna
  • Trekking in Cala Goloritz√®

A special note goes to the Wild Blue, one of the most famous treks in Europe

Treks are distinguished by degree of difficulty according to length, duration, altitude difference and type of terrain. The wording is thus established:
T = tourist;
E = hiking;
EE = expert hiker;
EEA = equipped expert hiker.
This is why Sardinia Exploring tries to propose excursions suited to every level of need and preparation

EE = for experienced hikers

These are generally and hopefully signposted routes, which involve the skill and ability to move over particular and rugged terrain.

For example, paths or tracks over rough terrain with steep and often slippery slopes.

Sardinia Trekking Sardinia Exploring

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