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Sardinia Rope work at height

Rope work at height

Our team includes figures specialised in rope work with mountaineering techniques capable of reaching any point without the use of scaffolding or aerial platforms.

Our certified operators perform work such as building maintenance, pylon operations, restoration and cleaning at heights throughout Sardinia, in Olbia, Sassari, Nuoro, Oristano and Cagliari.

Photos Working at height on ropes Sardinia

Operators on Rope Sardinia

Work at height Olbia Sassari Nuoro Oristano Cagliari

It is a fact that in recent years the use of rope access and positioning systems has become increasingly common in the construction industry, in wind farms and on masts.

Rope operators (also called rope operators or rock climbers), are professionals, specially trainedwho move at often great heights in order to perform their tasks without falling and without causing damage to themselves, other people and the environment in which they work.

Such work systems are a direct evolution of mountaineering and caving techniquesin which the operator is directly supported by the rope, whether fully suspended or resting on the structure.

In the past, mountaineers were called upon for this type of intervention. The processes of specialisation, the technical safety at work and absolute regulation, led to the creation of a specific professional figure. Today, it is necessary to have a specific professional title.

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Rock climbers in Sardinia

Rock climbers Olbia Sassari Nuoro Oristano Cagliari

Our operators are able to perform a complete set of work at height to meet any need in any environment throughout Sardinia.

Thanks to our experience and advanced technology, we are able to guarantee quick and effective intervention at any height. Rope work at heights allows us to work on rock faces, industrial plants, commercial buildings and wind turbines with maximum effectiveness and safety.

We are able to guarantee the highest quality of our work thanks to the constant training of our operators and state-of-the-art equipment we use in the field. Thanks to our many years of experience and the professionalism of our team, we are able to offer customised and innovative solutions for any requirement.

Rely on our company and you will be guaranteed a comprehensive, punctual and reliable service. Our mission is to 100% meet the needs of our customers, guaranteeing a high level of service at competitive prices.

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Work at height Rock climbers Sardinia

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