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4x4 Sardinia Off Road

4x4 in Sardinia

Sardinia Exploring offers tours and off-road experiences suitable for everyone: friends, couples, families with children and groups. Start your adventure!

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4x4 Off Road, fun guaranteed

Dedicated to those who want to spend a day away from crowded beaches. An immersive experience in the wild and explosive nature of the most unspoilt Sardinia. A relaxing and enjoyable excursion, which is always carried out under the supervision of expert guides and certified escorts. Our proposals are varied, at different levels and with different characteristics.

Sardinia Exploring has two 4×4 vehicles (Land Rover Defender 110 9-seater and Doblò Trekking 7-seater) that allow us to reach otherwise inaccessible places where you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes and be enraptured by the incredible scents of the Mediterranean maquis

San Teodoro 4x4 Tour

Off-Road Adventures

San Teodoro is a fantastic location for lovers of 4×4 off-road adventures. Sardinia offers a unique and breathtaking landscape that can be explored at any time of year. We offer guided 4×4 off-road excursions with experienced guides who will take you to discover hidden paths and picturesque places.

Our fleet of 4×4 vehicles has been specially designed to cope with the difficulties of the Sardinian terrain, guaranteeing safety and excitement. An adrenaline-pumping experience that won't let you down. Join us to experience a unforgettable day in the wilderness of Sardinia. Contact us for more information and to book your 4×4 off-road adventure.

4X4 trip San Teodoro Sardinia Exploring
4X4 Off Road Sardinia Exploring

Off-Road Excursions

A Taste of Sardinia

4×4 excursions are a great way to seeing the hinterland of Sardinia from a new and exciting point of view, away from the crowds and the summer heat. A true dive into the scents and flavours of the Mediterranean maquis.

Sardinia Exploring offers 4×4 tours to swim in natural freshwater pools, see waterfalls and breathtaking views. During the excursion you can enjoy a delicious tasting of typical products to fully enjoy all the opportunities that Sardinia has to offer.

4X4 Off Road Sardinia Exploring

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