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Orosei Gulf Bacu Padente

Hiking Bacu Padente [EEA].

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Sardinia Exploring Sardinia Trekking Orosei Gulf Bacu Padente

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Hiking Bacu Padente

Baunei Trekking EEA - Experienced Hikers with Equipment - at Bacu Padente.

A trek in a wild and varied environment with ancient mule tracks, charcoal fields, rock arches, sheer cliffs and even the crossing of the cave, 'Sa rutta de su Tentorgiu.





Naturalistic, sporting and recreational

Height difference

440 m. ascent - 440 m. descent

Travelling time

Approx. 6 hours


suitable clothing for the season, hiking shoes, technical equipment provided by us


packed lunch


season-appropriate stock (2 litre bottle/container recommended)

What is included

Take with you


Foto Trekking Orosei Gulf Bacu Padente Sardinia

Baunei Bacu Padente trekking

Bacu Padente Path

Having parked the car in the locality of Ololbizzi, not far from the beautiful little church of San Pietro in Golgo, the Bacu Padente trek begins.
The origin of the name is curious: in the Sardinian language, 'bacu' indicates a gorge no longer affected by water flow, eroded in geological eras much more rainy than the present one; 'padente', on the other hand, indicated the communal or private forest where pigs went to eat acorns.

The trek unfolds in a wild and varied environment: ancient mule tracks, charcoal farmyards, rock arches, sheer cliffs and even the crossing of the cave, 'Sa rutta de su Tentorgiu', which has a chasm in its interior that is said to communicate with the famous Grotta del Fico.

The exit of the cave, a thrilling window overlooking the Gulf of Orosei, leads to the Selvaggio Blu (Wild Blue) path to be followed for a short stretch in the locality of Arcu su Feilau, where the last suggestive abseil is tackled. Here begins the demanding ascent that leads back to the car park.

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Orosei Gulf Bacu Padente Sardinia Exploring

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