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San Pantaleo Scala 'Mpedrada

Hiking San Pantaleo [EEA].

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Trekking Costa Smeralda San Pantaleo Scala Mpedrada Sardinia Exploring

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Hiking San Pantaleo

Strong emotions, adrenalin rush and incredible views on the doorstep of the Costa Smeralda: hiking in San Pantaleo Scala 'Mpedrada, an unmissable trek.

Scala 'Mpedrada is located in San Pantaleo, the famous and charming village perched in the hills behind the Costa Smeralda.



Olbia San Pantaleo


Naturalistic, sporting and recreational

Height difference

400 m uphill - 400 m downhill

Travelling time

Approx. 6 hours


suitable clothing for the season, hiking shoes, technical equipment provided by us


packed lunch


season-appropriate stock (2 litre bottle/container recommended)

What is included

Take with you


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Excursions San Pantaleo

Excursion Costa Smeralda San Pantaleo

Scala 'Mpedrada is located in San Pantaleo, a village perched in the hills behind the Costa Smeralda.
The approach path, challenging in the final part, leads to the summit of the Torri di San Pantaleo.

Here, an exceptional panorama opens up over the entire coastline and on particularly clear days the view even reaches the outline of Corsica.
Thus begins the descent, which includes several rope passages, the most impressive of which is called 'La Bocca dello Squalo' (The Shark's Mouth).

Once the vertical section has been completed, the gentler part of the path taken on the way up is resumed.

The Costa Smeralda is known for its countless natural attractions, including magnificent beaches and crystal-clear waters, but there is much more for trekking enthusiasts to discover. The numerous hiking trails offer breathtaking views of the rugged coastline and hilly terrain.

A particularly fascinating route is Scala 'Mpedrada, which runs through dense Mediterranean scrub. Don't forget your camera to immortalise these unforgettable views.

Regardless of your fitness level, Costa Smeralda offers the ideal trek for you. Enjoy nature in all its beauty and discover what this wonderful location has to offer.

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San Pantaleo Scala 'Mpedrada Sardinia Exploring

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