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Orosei Gulf Cala Biriola Hiking

Hiking Cala Biriala [EEA].

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Sardinia Exploring Trekking Cala Biriala Sardinia

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Trekking Beach Cala Biriola

Trekking EEA - Experienced Hikers with Equipment - to reach the beach of 'Cala Birìala' or 'Cala Birìola'.

This famous cove is located in the heart of the Baunei Coast, between Cala Goloritzé and Cala Luna, near the Grotta del Fico and Cala Sisine.

A trail that retraces the history of one of Europe's most famous and coveted treks, the Blue Servage.





Naturalistic, sporting and recreational

Height difference

440 m. ascent - 440 m. descent

Travelling time

Approx. 6 hours


suitable clothing for the season, hiking shoes, technical equipment provided by us


packed lunch


season-appropriate stock (2 litre bottle/container recommended)

What is included

Take with you


Foto Trekking Orosei Gulf Cala Biriola Hiking Sardinia

Trekking Cala Biriala Beach

Cala Biriala Beach Gulf of Orosei

Having parked the car at Ololbizzi, not far from the beautiful little church of San Pietro in Golgo, the Cala Biriola trek begins.

The trek begins on a narrow path up the northern slope of Bacu Padente, which soon joins the fifth stage of 'Selvaggio Blu'.

In the vicinity of the Piddi sheepfold, one takes the eastern direction where, after a few abseiling descents, one reaches a dense holm oak forest as a prelude to the last thrilling descent that leads directly to the beach of Cala Biriola.

From here begins the equally demanding ascent, which between Iscale and fustes (characteristic passages on juniper branches) and easy climbs, leads back to the car.

Biriala is a marvellous beach nestled between the towering cliffs of Supramonte, so the excursion allows you to reach the spectacular cove in a truly unique trekking route.

The area concerned is located in the municipality of Baunei, starting from the Golgo plateau. The Golgo is a calcareous plateau that can be considered the gateway to Ogliastra, since it is here that the most famous trekking routes in Sardinia start, very often intercepting the Selvaggio Blu (Wild Blue) path and then plunging into wild valleys and codulas to reach the sea.

This place is so unique and mysterious that it seems to be enchanted. The limestone walls, the holm oak and juniper forests and the magical Mediterranean maquis create a unique atmosphere that enraptures the senses and takes you back in time.

In this spectacular and unrepeatable setting, you will trek along a path through the heart of the wild Mediterranean maquis with high limestone walls. A wild, rugged yet magical landscape where adrenalin and mysticism come together, emotions so intense that they will remain imprinted in your mind and heart forever.

Be surprised by the charm of this extraordinary place, immerse your senses in the beauty of nature and experience an unforgettable trekking experience on the beautiful island of Sardinia.

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Orosei Gulf Cala Biriola Sardinia Exploring

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