A viaduct is a collection of artificially constructed structures and equipment on a rocky wall to facilitate safe climbing on a hiking path. Routes that without the use of artificial structures would require knowledge and the use of climbing techniques.
The first ferry was built in 1869 in Austria. It was, however, especially during the Great War that there was great impetus for the creation of railways used by soldiers to reach the outposts on the various tops of the Alpine chain in an attempt to surprise the enemy. In modern times it is mainly in the tourist-hiking area that are realized and run.

Giorre’s ferry is characterized by white limestone cliffs dominating the small village of Cargeghe. The route is about 2.5 kilometers, of which 600 meters have […]

Via Ferrata della Regina is located in Monteleone Roccadoria, perched on the picturesque cliffs of “Su Monte”, near the small hamlet of the same name. […]

The Via Ferrata of Pentumas is located in the Supramonte di Oliena in the valley of Lanaitto. Having reached the “Sa Oche” refuge and parked […]

The Via Ferrata Cabirol is located in Località Capo Caccia a few kilometers from Alghero. The trail winds along the majestic cliff overlooking the sea […]

The Via Ferrata degli Angeli is located on the southwest side of Tavolara Island within the Tavolara Marine Protected Area – Punta Coda Cavallo. Curiosity […]