Dedicated to those who want to spend an exciting day!
Torrenting makes it possible to visit and progress in gorges excavated in the rock by watercourses with the use of dedicated equipment and diving into places hard to visit in another way.
It is an adrenaline and fun sport experience, which is always carried out under the super vision of two companions.
Our proposals are manifold, with different levels of difficulty and with different characteristics.
Participants are provided with all the necessary equipment for kicking: harness, helmet, rope, carabiners, disks and mud where necessary.

The canyoning route of Codula Orbisi is located in the Supramonte of Urzulei. As you reach the Donini cave you proceed along the SS 125 […]

The Grotto Donini is located in the Supramonte of Urzulei. Along the SS 125 near the famous and evocative Genna Silana pass you deviate on […]

Su Duttore canyoning is located in the territory of Padru. Still not valued and attended, there is nothing to envy in the most beautiful routes. […]

The canyon is located in Monte Nieddu near the village of San Teodoro. It is the only canyoning of Sardinia where the water flows throughout […]