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Canyoning Supramonte di Urzulei Donini Cave

Canyoning Donini Cave

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Sardina Exploring Supramonte Urzulei Donini Cave

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Canyoning Donini Cave Urzulei

The canyon is located in the heart of Sardinia, in the Urzulei supramonte area. It is one of the most incredible canyons in Sardinia.

We like to call it an "indoor gorge" because of its conformation. It is in fact a cave in its own right, but given the considerable height of the ceilings and the exit to the valley, no climbing techniques are required, and it can be travelled safely using canyoning techniques.

The wonder of the place alternates between underground lakes and rock formations of indescribable beauty. Breathtaking is the final abseil, exiting the cave on a 50-metre vertical.





Naturalistic, sporting and recreational

Height difference

-190 metres

Travelling time

about 2.30 hours;
return path approx. 50 minutes


trainers or rock shoes, technical equipment and wetsuit provided by us


packed lunch


seasonally appropriate stock even 2 litres per person

What is included

Take with you


Photos Canyoning Supramonte di Urzulei Donini Cave Sardinia

Urzulei Canyoning Donini Cave

Donini Cave

Canyoning at Grotta Donini is an incredible route, an obligatory destination in Sardinia for any canyoning enthusiast. It is an articulated canyoning, in which water is really the protagonist at 360 degrees.

The Donini Cave is located in the Supramonte di Urzulei. Along the SS 125 in the vicinity of the famous and impressive Genna Silana pass, you turn off onto a side road that soon leads to the Planu Campu Oddeu plateau. The approach road is worth a few stops with photos!

Once you reach the locality Sedda Ar Baccas, you leave your car and in a few minutes you reach the entrance hole of the cave.

The Donini cave is home to an underground river that provides breathtaking scenery for an extraordinary 'indoor' canyoning adventure.

Thanks to the natural beauty of the place and the unforgettable thrills it provides, the Donini cave is a must-see destination for anyone who loves adrenaline-fuelled outdoor adventures and breathtaking landscapes.

The route winds along corridors smoothed by the erosive action of the water, with moments of swimming, abseiling, walking and diving, all illuminated by torchlight.

Don't miss out on a unique and unforgettable experience!

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Canyoning Supramonte Di Urzulei Donini Cave Sardinia Exploring

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